Friday, April 6, 2018

Blackmail’ film Review

Blackmail’ film Review

                                                             Alok  srivastava

Director:  Abinay Deo
Starring: Irrfan Khan, Divya Dutta, Kirti Kulhari, Arunoday Singh
Run time : 139 minutes

Dev (Irrfan Khan) wanted to surprise his wife Reena (Kirti Kulhari) so he decides to reach home early one day.
He found her in bed with her lover Ranjeet (Arunoday Singh)
Ranjeet who betrayed his wife Dolly (Divya Dutta).
Well, Dev decides to use this as an opportunity to extract some money from Ranjeet, with the help of this money, he wanted to clear off his EMIs and dues.
He sets the chain of extortions. Blackmailing leads to counter-blackmailing as money keeps changing hands.
Director Abhinay deo did a great job as he sets up the action well and keeps you engaged for a while.
You know, things begin to slacken, the film could have done with more sharpness despite of even wickedness.
But it could have been very well.
Each and every character is quirky, Irrfan who is specially good in the scene when the betrayal dawns on him.
In just a few shots, he communicates all the emotions at a go – disbelief, hurt, anger, suffocations.
 Divya Dutta manages to bring her own shades of dark fun to the alcoholic.
I am finding it to difficult to pick up who was the worst= the stupid boss or office colleague.
This is undigested that middle class man wouldn’t ask for more moolah than he requires for his immediate needs, just Rs1 lakh!
It is difficult to understand how none could have found out about his wrongdoing in the office washroom with the photos of his colleagues wives.
If there is one thing that offers roadblocks in this otherwise fun ride, it is the slow pace with which Abinav establishes his plot and characters.
Well, the performances, fun filled and realistic  story telling keep you engaged and entertained.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I asked My Mom

              I asked My Mom

                                           ALOK  SRIVASTAVA

When We Are Growing Up in Life

  It actually sort of matters to people how you look. And then it matters to you because it matters to others. Why does it matter how you look? Because If they don’t like you, then who will like you? If they don’t accept you, then who will accept you? And the fear that we have is that we are going to be alone. There are so many questions.

We Have To Change Ourselves

 So many people put me down and said, you can’t do this and you can’t do that and I couldn’t change anything. I couldn’t change my circumstance. You know what I mean. But it was so hard because people put me down. And I started believing that I was not good enough. I started believing that I was a failure. And it was so hard, I thought to myself. I started getting depressed. I thought, what kind of purpose do I have to live? I mean, Is there not a purpose for me? Is there not a purpose in life? And I had questions, and no answers. But then someone said we are not good enough so we have to change ourselves.

I Asked My Mom

 I asked my mom, why did this happen? Then she said, ”There are some things in life that are out of your control that you can’t change and you have got to live with. The choice that we have, though is either to give up or keep on going. Are you going to believing in yourself? Or are you going to believe everybody else’s judgment on you? Are you going to believe people when they say that you are a failure? That no one really likes you. That no one really cares about you. And it’s not really to say that you need somebody to come up to you. And say, “  I really like you. And I really care about you. It’s not about that. But it’s the fact people put you down. People don’t even look you in the eye. But you have to face the world and you have to WIN.

Are You Really Fine?

People ask you how you are and you say “ fine”. But you are not really fine and they will never know that I tell you life is interesting. Life is a journey. In public life, you have to deal many people. And just show your STRENGTHS not Weaknesses.

I will Try 100 Times To Get Up If I fail 100 Times

What do you do when you fall down. Get back up. Everybody knows to get back up. You know there are some times in life when you fall down. And feel like you don’t have the strength to get back up. And pretend that everything is okay. you don’t have to impress anybody and you are yourself. Fear comes in. May be you have doubt in your life. May be you don’t know for sure what’s going to be happening in the future. It scares you. Just that fear that paralyzes you. In that case, just say, I will try 100 times to get up if I fail 100 times.

There Is Still Hope

 I am not here today to tell you that I understand your pain. And I want you to know that I have found my strength in God. And you are going to find your strength in whatever you find it in. But I just want you to know that it’s not the end. It matters how you are going finish. Are you going to finish strong? And you will find that strength to get back up.

Start Putting Your Happiness Into Things

You know, I have a choice. And this is what I want to talk about today.- choices. I can still do a lot of things. I am travelling around the world it’s amazing. But I had to ask myself couple of questions. And first question was really,” who am I “And it’s funny the friends around you sort of determine who you are. Well, You start putting your happiness into things.

By The Grace Of God

           By The Grace Of God
                                                       ALOK  SRIVASTAVA

Who Am I, Who Are You

We can’t ignore the importance of God in our life, those who don’t believe in God, they are absolutely wrong as I think. Well, just imagine, who am I, who are you..tell me. And I am sure, you don’t have answer. You know Everything is in God’s hand, you have to believe, you have no choice. I suppose that JUST BELIEVE IN GOD , Put God first in everything you do. Everything that you think you see in me, and I have a few things. Everything that I have is by the grace of God understand that. It’s a gift.

 I have Kept God In My Life

I always talk to my mom. Just looking me in the eye. She says, somebody get me a pen. I have a prediction. She says, you will become famous one day, the whole world recognizes you, the whole world respects you. I don’t know what I am going to do. Well I will travel the world one day, I will speak to millions of people one day But that’s not the most important thing in the success that I want to. The most important thing is that what she has taught me. I have kept God in my life and it has kept me humble. I don’t always stick with him. But he always sticks with me.  
Don’t be Afraid to Fail Big As you believe In God

 It means JUST RELAX, Not to Worry If God is with YOU. It’s a new world out there. You only live once. So do what you feel passionate about. take chances don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to fail big, You should have dream big  but Yes, dreams without goals are just dreams. So have dreams but have goals. Daily goals, I try to give myself a goals every day, to achieve these goals you must apply discipline and consistency, every day you have to work at it. Every day you have to plan. And remember your plan works, if you believe in God. You will be able to achieve your goals, if you believe in God. You can be in discipline, if you believe in God.

Hard Work Works As You believe in God

Hard work works, working really heard is what successful people do. Remember, just because you are doing a lot more, doesn’t mean you are getting a lot more done because God understands us, God knows us, so just do your work with honesty. My mother tells me, you can run in place all the time and never get anywhere. So continue to strive, continue to have goals continue to progress. I will say it always. Don’t think too much. JUS DO IT.

Joy Is In Helping Others As You believe in God

 The most important thing you can do in this world is help someone else. The goodness that comes to you. It means God is seeing you, It means God is around you. The good feeling that I get from helping others.That  means God is within you every moment and Nothing is better than that.

God’s Proof

Always say “thank you” for grace, thank you for mercy, When you wake up in the morning, Always say thank you for understanding, Always say, thank you for parents, thank you for love, Always say thank you in advance for what’s already yours . You know you should have true desire in the heart for anything good is God’s proof to you, And anything you want good you can have, so claim it, work hard to get it, when you get it, reach back, pull someone else up, each one, teach one, JUST SET A EXAMPLE for others because this is your real job in this world. Because you are special for God.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

This Too Shall Pass

             This Too Shall Pass

Alok Srivastava

 You know, whenever I feel low, Our parents, our elders, teachers and friends always say one thing “This too shall pass.” It always works. There are some incidents that happen in your life. Those incidents, break you but they can mould you into the best version of you.
Words have the power to heal the soul:Sometimes,  I am  confused what to do or how to do, and yes, when I face the tough situation. I asked myself, “ why me?” that is where I started to question my existence, that why am I even alive? Then someone said, “ God has a greater plan for you” I don’t know what it is, but he surely has. And in all that distress and grief, somehow or those words are so magical. That they kept me going.
Why don’t people consider themselves lucky: Thinking may be there will be a time, when we will be going out , with the family and enjoying the nature. That was the time where I realized how lucky people are. That is the time where I realized, that the day I am going to sit I am going to share this pain with everyone to make them realize how blessed they are.
I am going to fight my fears:  We all have fears, fear of unknown,  fear of losing people, fear of losing health, money.  we want to become famous. We want to get money, we are scared all the time. So I wrote down, one by one, all those fears. And I decided that I am going to overcome these fears one at a time. You know what is my biggest fear, losing people, fear of losing people but I said no I have to make it work.  the day I decided that this is nothing but my fear. And I made myself emotionally so strong.
 I have stopped worrying about the things: People think that they will not be accepted by other people but I started to appear more in public. Everytime I go in public, I always smile. And people ask me, don’t you get tired of smiling all the time? What’s the secret ? I always say one thing. That I have stopped worrying about the things. That I have lost, the people that I have lost. Things and People who are meant to be with me are with me.
Love yourself and spread that love: Sometimes, somebody’s absence make you a better person. Cherish their absence,  it’s always a blessing in disguise. Live your life fully. Accept yourself the way you are. Be kind to yourself and only then you can be kind to others. Life will be hard, There will be trials but that will only make you stronger. So when you accept yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you. It all starts from within.

   Alok  Srivastava